v4.1.0 Update now released

Microgames in TF2

This release contains some fixes and enhancements and is a drop-in update to your existing v4 installation.

  • If no arguments are provided to sm_setnextspecialround, a random one will be selected. (GitHub issue #181)
  • Improved responses for commands
  • Code quality: Actions should always return a value (GitHub PR #185, issue #186)
  • The gamemode now supports mp_timelimit, rather than a set number of rounds being played. Adds a new ConVar "mtf2_use_server_map_timelimit", for more information, see the wiki page for Console Variables (GitHub issue #187)
  • Added extra sound effects to the Danganronpa bossgame. (GitHub issue #188)
- Gemidyne Softworks. Posted Tuesday, August 25, 2020.