Game Server & Web Hosting Platform

Our home-grown platform for managing game servers, websites and more


Dekomori is an online platform which can be used for managing game servers, websites, databases and blob storage. 

Features include: 

  • Source Dedicated Server management: 
    • Start, Restart & updating of SRCDS instances
    • SteamCMD support for updating of installs
    • Web file explorer
    • Web Remote Administration Console
  • Gateway FTP server - for abstraction of FTP operations from hosting nodes
  • Integration with Kaede, for automatic CDN-backed fast downloads for game servers

Coming soon: 

  • Website Management
  • Database Management
  • Kaede Storage Explorer


Dekomori is currently under development and as such is not publicly available for use. We however will respond to enquiries about this project, and are open to private beta applicants.