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Frantic Microgame Madness!

Lots of microgames are played quickly one after another. Players must do what they say to win and get a point.

At the end of each round, a bossgame will be played. If the player wins the bossgame, they will be awarded 5 points.

The player with the highest score will win the round!

This gamemode takes inspiration from Nintendo's WarioWare game series, and aims to provide a fun and crazy experience for players.

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But where can I play it?

We have created a list of game communities which host our plugin, for more information keep on scrolling!

If you are a server operator and would like to have your server or community listed on this page, leave a comment on our Steam Group.

The Red Sun Over Paradise

Red Sun Over Paradise is a Team Fortress 2 community since 2015 which hosts a custom server shop and player inventory. We run no ads and supply a unique experience you have never seen elsewhere.

We host various items on our server shop including high quality player skins, one-time-use coins, passive items, chat extras, taunt effects and much more with currency earned by playing on the server, collecting achievements or donating.


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