Install Guide

Installing the gamemode into your TF2 server


Thank you for your interest in running Microgames in TF2 on your game server! This guide will assist you step by step in setting up the gamemode to run.

A quick note before we begin

Please be aware that this gamemode will only work for Team Fortress 2 servers - a version of the gamemode for other Source Engine games is not planned.

This guide assumes you have already installed MetaMod:Source and SourceMod (at least version 1.10).



The first step of the installation is to ensure that the gamemode's dependencies are installed. The following extensions / plugins must be installed:

Once those are installed you can move onto the next step.

Installing - Part 1

Now it is time to begin installing the gamemode itself.

Navigate to in your web browser.

Download the zip file, and the bsp file to a folder on your computer. 

Once both have been downloaded, copy the BSP file to your server's tf/maps folder.

If you have a fast download mirror, also upload the bsp file to that mirror, and then compress to BZip2 (.bz2) format and place the bz2 file in tf/maps on your game server and your fast download server.

The gamemode's BSP map file contains all the sounds, textures and custom models required for running the gamemode. Players will only download this when playing the gamemode - no other files will be downloaded.

Installing - Part 2

With the map installed, we now need to turn our attention to the gamemode's plugin and data files.

With the warioware zip file you downloaded in the previous step, extract that to a new folder on your computer.

In that folder you extracted to, you should now see a "tf" folder. Copy that folder to your gameserver - and merge it with your server's tf folder. 


And with that, the gamemode is now installed. You should now restart your game server, and do a test to ensure that the gamemode loads.

Once the server has restarted, change the map to the map BSP you downloaded earlier. If all goes well, when you finish loading, you should be presented with a Waiting for players screen with instructions on how to play the gamemode. Once that finishes, the gamemode should start to run. 

Help & Support

If you have issues running the gamemode, the first place to check is the tf/addons/sourcemod/logs folder.

Check the latest error log for any errors from the gamemode's plugin (AS-MicroTF2.smx). This should give you an indication to why the gamemode could not load, or run. 

If an extension is not loaded, it will log this as an error and prevent the gamemode from running.


However, if you have checked everything and there seems to be an error that you are unable to figure out, get in contact with us either via Steam Community, Twitter, or GitHub and we can assist you.

GitHub Steam Community Group Twitter