v3.0 Update Release Notes

After many months of work we are happy to announce the latest update to the WarioWare Redux gamemode. This update is very important to the future of the gamemode. 


New Microgame!

Sap a building / Get a building sapped

Suggested on GitHub, this microgame makes both teams work together in order to gain points.

When started, a team will be chosen as Spies. The other team will be Engineers. 

The Engineer team must erect a building as quick as possible, so that a Spy on the opposite team can sap it. 

If a Spy saps a building, the engineer who built it will receive a point, and so will the Spy.

Now localised in other languages!

5 new languages are now available.

Thanks to our translator team, the gamemode is now more accessible to other languages!

Languages now available:

  • French
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Brazilian Portuguese


A completely reworked boss game!

"Escape from the Factory" has been overhauled with new hazards!

This latest update brings a new escape path as well as a set of new hazards to test your skills to get to the end.

As well as adding more difficulty into the boss area, we have also took the opportunity to visually improve the quality and detail the areas more. 

Bug fixes / enhancements

We also made all these other changes to the gamemode

  • Added SDK plugin to offload any tasks that can be done once and then saved to data files.
  • SoundLib dependency has been removed from the gamemode plugin. It is now only used in a SDK plugin.
  • Optimised several areas of the game map 
  • Linked some game areas together as originally intended 
  • Fixed several lighting issues throughout the game map
  • Made the barriers in the main game room always be up 
  • Added some fun advertisements to the map
  • Added TF2 menu photos for use on the map info and loading screens
  • Updated skybox particle positions
  • Updated plugin map check to only accept warioware_redux_ maps
  • Added ability to specify multiple types of gamemode "bumper" music 
  • Improved some plugin to map triggering logic 
  • Now adopting a new plugin versioning scheme to better match the map filenames