Microgames in TF2

v4.0 Update Release Notes

We are happy to announce that Version 4 of Microgames in TF2 is now stable and available for server operators to run on their game servers. 


2 new microgames added

In Don't laugh, some players are selected to become Heavies, and are tasked with making a specific class laugh. Everyone else in the server must avoid the Heavies in order to win.

In Bloodthirst, players may be given one of two weapons - the Flying Guillotine or Boston Basher. If you have the Boston Basher, you need to hit an enemy without accidentally hitting yourself! If you have the Flying Guillotine, you must throw it and hit an enemy in order to succeed.

Target Practice boss readded

In this new bossgame, barrels will spawn in the middle of an arena - on conveyor belts or in the water. Its up to you to quickly react and get the highest score to win!


This boss was previously available but in an alpha state. With this version the boss is now complete, however we may rework the boss arena area in a future update.


New Special Rounds are here

In this update, we removed the Birds! special round. However, we have added in two new special rounds!

Team Fortress 64 is a new special round where everyone seems to have lost a lot of their polygons!

Skeletons Only forces all players to shed their skin and play against each other as skeletons. Also features the best ragdoll physics you can find.

Translation updates

Our translator team has been busy updating translations for the gamemode, and have also added support for a new language: Polish.


Server Operators: upgrade notes

Version 4 is a major update, and as such the requirements for running the gamemode have changed: 


The Changelist

Here's all the changes that we did in Version 4.
ADDED #155 Ability to control a maximum participant of a microgame. This has been used in the Jetpack microgame so it will only run on servers with a maximum of 10 players participating.
ADDED #65 Skeletons only Special Round.
ADDED Target Practice. This boss was previously available for a short time however was incomplete.
ADDED #163 Ability to allow cosmetics to display while the gamemode runs. Server operators need to set a convar to enable this.
ADDED Team Fortress 64 Special Round. Players seem to have lost a lot of their polygons...
ADDED Support for contributing translations via the Gemidyne Contributor Portal. If you are interested in translating the gamemode into your native language, please get in contact with us on Steam.
ADDED #152 Scrolling text outside the play boundary of the Typing Attack boss.
ADDED #94 New "Don't Laugh!" microgame.
ADDED #93 New "Hit someone!" microgame.
ADDED Polish language support to the gamemode.
ADDED #109 Bloodthirst microgame into Hit someone microgame
ADDED #173 Bonus points for finishing the Rocket Jump, Escape Route and Beatblock bosses first. This is optional, and must be turned on by setting the mtf2_bonuspoints cvar to 1.
REMOVED #65 "Birds!" special round.
REMOVED PrecacheSystem - this was implemented back in 2014 due to lag and stuttering being encountered when players spawned for the first time.
REMOVED #168 requirement of sv_cheats 1 on server-side. If you run the gamemode on Windows dedicated servers, you are required to install a host_timescale fix plugin to run this gamemode. Be sure to read the upgrade notes on this page for more information.
ENHANCED #144 Stay on the Ground microgame now checks for players in the air before the microgame finishes.
ENHANCED Kamikaze microgame now correctly explodes players within range and attributes the kamikaze as the attacker.
ENHANCED #156 Win sound effects now behave differently. If there are less than 12 players playing you will hear other people's win SFX, however if more than 12 players are playing then you will only hear your own.
ENHANCED #84 Refreshed the area that the Rocket Jump boss takes place in.
ENHANCED the gamemode to use TFEconData for weapon information. This future proofs the gamemode and ensures that weapon information is up to date rather than being hardcoded. Be sure to read the update guide for more information.
ENHANCED Fixed weapon spreads are now enabled for the duration of the gamemode.
ENHANCED #154 The Falling Floor boss now behaves similar to Smash Bros. The more damage you take from other players, the further you will be knocked back.
ENHANCED #166 Replaced dual crushers at the end of Escape Route with a single crusher. This solves a problem with crush detection between two brush entities.
ENHANCED #77 Temporary inverted mode to the Eat & Drink microgames. We aim to replace this microgame completely in the future.
ENHANCED Our localisation team has been busy updating translations for the gamemode.
FIXED a bug on the Escape Route boss where you could become undead if your health becomes less than zero.
FIXED Gamemode plugin being dependant on the soundlib extension. This is only required for the SDK plugin if you are adding new microgames or themes.
FIXED #171 Restored the ability to view the killfeed and hear hitsounds.
FIXED Hardcoded english text for Bonus Points on Say the Word, Maths
FIXED #175 low chance of speed change events during the Adrenaline Shot special round. There is now a higher chance of a speed change event.
FIXED #176 Broken slime water texture when running the game in DirectX8.
FIXED a race condition that could cause damage not to be blocked on any microgame or bossgame.

While that's all for now - we aim to add more microgames and bosses in for the next version. As always, if you have any ideas, or issues with the gamemode, add them over to the GitHub issue tracker