Microgames in TF2

v5.0 Update Release Notes

We are happy to announce that Version 5 of Microgames in TF2 is now stable and available for server operators to run on their game servers. 


New boss: Inventory Day!

In this new bossgame, it's time to take count! Ammo packs, Dispensers, Barrels and Chairs will spawn in the middle of a room, and it's your task to remember how many of each there are!

You'll be quizzed how many there are of a specific prop, and you will need to answer correctly to progress to the next round!

New boss: Disappearing Blocks!

For this new bossgame, we added a little throwback for some of you. Players will spawn above an acid pit on a set of blocks. Be sure to always stay on the green block, as the others will disappear if you aren't quick enough!

Not only that.. each round will get quicker so be sure to run as fast as you can to survive!


2 new microgames added

In Don't Touch, use your Force-a-Nature to knock other players into each other! 

In Bombjump, players will spawn as Demoman and must use the Iron Bomber to jump over to the platform in the middle! Timing is important, so be sure to jump at the right time!

Server Operators & Developers: upgrade notes

Version 5 is another major update, so be sure to read the below when upgrading:

  • We made numerous changes to the formats of the files within data/microtf2 - Be sure to copy the latest files from the release zip file to ensure you are using the latest update.
  • We have reworked slightly how timelimits work with the gamemode.

    Previously we would require you to set mtf2_use_server_map_timelimit to 1 in Version 4. However in Version 5 this ConVar has been removed, and instead works on the basis of if you set the mp_timelimit ConVar to something other than 0.

    For example, if you set mp_timelimit to 0 in a map config file for the gamemode, the gamemode will play as many rounds as mtf2_maxrounds ConVar is set to. If you set mp_timelimit to 10 or anything above 0, then the gamemode will run indefinitely until the map's timelimit is up.
  • There are some unfinished translations for some languages. We will default these translations to English until we have translations for these and release a smaller update accordingly.
  • We have removed the dependency on SteamTools and replaced it with SteamWorks due to recent Team Fortress 2 updates. Be sure to install the latest build of the SteamWorks extension prior to installing, and possibly uninstalling SteamTools if no other installed plugins use it. (SteamTools was causing crashes for some server operators)


  • In Version 5 we have made many changes in order to clean up and standardise the codebase. We now follow a naming scheme more similar to other SourceMod plugins. 
  • We have completely removed the PrecacheManifest system. We found no benefit to this system as the problem it was implemented for appears to no longer occur within TF2.
  • "Caption" key within data/microtf2/Minigames.txt is no longer used so has been removed.
  • We have added a "Name" key (string) within data/microtf2/Bossgames.txt. This is not read by the gamemode and is more for internal reference.
  • We have added a "UsesCaption" key (bool - 0 or 1) within data/microtf2/Bossgames.txt. This is used if a bossgame does not need any predefined caption to be displayed. This is useful in cases where the bossgame will handle all its own captions dynamically.
  • We have added a "AllowVoices" key (bool - 0 or 1) within data/microtf2/Gamemodes.txt. This is used to enable/disable the voice that is played if you succeed or fail a microgame/bossgame.
  • We use a different chat hook now throughout the plugin rather than using RegConsoleCmd. This may cause spam or other issues if you have other plugins on your server handling chat message printing.

The Changelist

Here's all the changes that we did in Version 5.
ADDED #207 Inventory Day bossgame.
ADDED #75 Disappearing Blocks bossgame.
ADDED #106 Bombjump microgame.
ADDED #146 Don't Touch microgame.
ADDED Easter eggs.
ENHANCED #127 Reworked the Shoot the Barrels bossgame area; it now shares a boss area with Inventory Day.
ENHANCED #210 Added more models to the Target Practice microgame.
ENHANCED #205 Bonus points messaging now uses team colours.
ENHANCED Translations have been updated by our team of translators.
FIXED Removed unused boxing arena from the game map.
FIXED #192 A bug where some players may not succeed finishing a bossgame due to finish zone area detection not working properly.
FIXED #218 Removed the usage of CalcCritical from the plugin.
FIXED #216 Clipping issues within the main room.
FIXED #209 Reversed text breaking chat message colours.

A special thanks to everyone who has contributed to the gamemode, be in the form of contributions on GitHub (Pull requests, raising issues, etc), helping playtest and providing translations. 


If you have any issues or experience any bugs with the gamemode, add them over on the GitHub issue tracker.