Windows app for SourceMod scripters and Source Engine Map Developers.

Tsukuru = create/make/build in Japanese

Developed originally as an internal tool, Tsukuru optimises your development process by providing a set of useful features to Source Engine Map Developers and SourceMod scripters.

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Features for Source Engine Map Developers

Source Engine Map Compile Features: 

  • Easy to use UI for VBSP, VVIS and VRAD settings
  • Automatic map versioning by year, month and day
  • Multi-core optimised VRAD support
  • Resource Packing
    • Pack all files
    • Pack only used files
  • Templating feature to allow files to be generated from template files (.tsutmpl)
  • BSP Repacking support
  • Realtime output from compile processes
  • Integrated support for launching map directly from Tsukuru

Features for SourceMod scripters

SourceMod scripters can take advantage of the following features: 

  • Batch compilation of many SourcePawn files
  • Incremental versioning support
  • Post build actions