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Tsukuru: v4.0.0 update

Summary of changes

  • Fixed the app being unusable if VProject was not set prior to launching.
  • Updated the UI to use a dark mode by default.
  • Improved the SourcePawn plugin compile UI
    • Integrated error & warning details into main window
    • Your last compiled plugin files will now be remembered between app sessions
  • Improved the Resource Packing UI
    • You can now change paths of existing folders in the UI without having to remove and add a folder back again
  • Updated various UI text to better reflect their intentions, for example Resource Packing now mentions BSPZIP usage
  • Added more safety checks to the Map Compiler so the app will no longer crash if SDK Tools are missing

As always if you have any issues, please let us know via the GitHub issue tracker, or via our Steam Group's comment sections:

Remember to install .NET Core 3.1 Runtime to use Tsukuru.