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Microgames in Team Fortress 2: v5.2.7 update

Upgrade notes

Bug Fixes

  • prop count boss: Fix #240 - trigger_hurt in boss arena did not cover all areas
  • morecolors: Fix #241 - SourceMod 1.11 not enough space on the heap. Thanks to @NyxNyxNyxNyxNyxNyx for verifying this bugfix.
  • special rounds: Fix Non-stop special round leaving boss time overlay on screen (Steven)

Code Refactoring

  • convars: Remove UMC convar checks (Steven)

Continuous Integration

  • Update SourceMod versions to 1.11.x (stable) and 1.12.x (dev) (Steven)


  • 8c158ce: Remove support notice. (Steven)
  • 8526378: Testing automated release (Steven)
  • 0d538c3: Update and rename main.yml to ci.yml (Steven)
  • 33e063f: Create release.yml (Steven)
  • 4d32640: Update release.yml (Steven)
  • 8cd9170: Update release.yml (Steven)
  • 6d04bcb: Update release.yml (Steven)
  • 1a92273: Push fix for trigger hurt for issue #240 (Steven) #242
  • b17e7f3: Trying to work around morecolors issue again. Needs tested - if this does not work, need to find a suitable replacement, or make our own version (Steven) #243
  • f224a16: Remove unused colours from morecolors embedded (Steven) #243
  • c19fffe: Add static keyword (like private in C++/C#) to fields in minigamesystem that are not intended for public access (Steven) #243
  • 89fafa8: Add static keywords to special rounds (Steven) #243
  • a667d35: Adding static to weapons (Steven) #243
  • 4a22119: Update plugin names (Steven) #243
  • d044b20: Move pragma to top (Steven) #243
  • 94f7601: fix(map)!: Bump ASSET_VERSION to v5_2c - requires warioware_redux_v5c.bsp. (Steven)